Exceptionally even baking results with highest user-friendliness. The new BACKMASTER combines Eloma’s baking expertise with the forward-thinking, user-friendly MT-Technology – excellent baking results are guaranteed. Processes become safer, workflows can be standardised.


The BACKMASTER is prepared for this. With the MT-Technology and lots of professional options, it supports your everyday business.

The BACKMASTER remains the ideal partner for supermarkets, coffee shops, kiosks, Bed & Breakfast hotels or petrol stations. MT-Technology makes the application even easier and safer. With the Quick Mode ASC, three suitable baking programs can be defined and restarted in parallel operation throughout the day. Application error excluded.


  • Automatic door release
  • Baking with safety
  • Great baking results
  • Adaptability par excellence


Easy. Compact. BACKMASTER

Simple and safe operation, especially thanks to Quick Mode/Quick Mode ASC.

The large viewing window and the ideal lighting provide insights for the user and stimulate the appetite of the customers.

10% time saving compared to the previous generation, half loading function and Multi Baking make the difference!

Prolong the baking programme during or after the cycle. No re-entry of the baking parameters is necessary. The automatic door release avoids overbaking after the baking programme has finished.

Eloma has a whole portfolio of solutions: condensation hood, support stand, mobile edition, 230 V version – and you’re ready to bake.

With MultiConnect and the Eloma ProConnect software, HACCP data can be saved and recipes can be managed.

Advancing with MT-Technology

Nobody likes long explanations. Introducing cooking and baking with ease – made possible with the advanced MT-Technology by Eloma. Just slide, wipe or scroll – intuition is key to operating your BACKMASTER with lightning speed and precision. Especially at peak times. 

  • ASC Mode: Simply define three suitable baking programmes. All three are selectable on every shelf level and can thus be started in parallel operation throughout the day. No changes are possible! This makes kitchen processes even safer, appreciated not only but especially by customers with multiple outlets.
  • Last® 20: Nothing is ever lost – the last 20 cooking processes can be instantly restarted, whether it is a standard programme, one of your filed favourites or even a manual setting.
  • Multi Baking: A sure thing: simply select your programme or baking mode and the device automatically determines all accompanying programmes.
  • Multiple selections for parallel operation is not a problem. Whether before or during the cooking process. Supporting intelligent time management, with starting- or endtime selection. An automated time compensation, for example, when opening the door during Multi Multi Baking, has also been integrated.
  • Quick Mode: System caterers will love it. The Quick Mode is a version of the operating concept especially adapted to meet their particular requirements. It allows rapid and standard handling in all outlets utilizing specifically predetermined operating sequences for cooking and baking. With Repeat Mode, you can start again without detours.
  • Quick Set: A touch of your finger puts all settings where you want them to be.
  • Wochenprogrammierung: You can easily create a cooking and baking plan for the whole week, leaving no questions open.

Doors hinged on the right or left

Perfect ergonomics – we manufacture your machine to suit your requirements.

Only Eloma offers this: no matter where you position your machine, Eloma can adapt it to fit the space you have available. Our machines are available with door hinges on the right-hand side or with a mirrored control panel on the left-hand side.

  • Easy to adjust and install
  • We offer custom system solutions as an innovative solutions provider
  • Outstanding flexibility for all applications thanks to an optimised delivery programme


  • Original Eloma live steam system
  • Preheating and rapid cooling (Active Temp) with utilisation of residual heat
  • Manual steaming
  • Temperature range 30°C – 250°C
  • Fan wheel – auto reverse for superbly even results
  • Clima-Aktiv® humidification and de-humidification with unique supply air system
  • Climatic®: Temperature and humidity measurement/control
  • Multilingual user interface
  • TFT screen
  • Scout one-hand operation
  • Exhaust air damper which can be controlled individually
  • Colour monitor/Climatic® monitor
  • Connector for energy optimisation