Basic Plus S-45

Heated display case with climate function for businesses with a clearly structured selection of food. Water cup and tank system for steam generation for extended standing times. Integrated easy change system for open and closed operation as well as for optimisation of low-load times. Water reserve for up to a max. of 12 hours for 24/7 operation, a permanent water connection is recommended.

Once a day: From morning to evening. A tank system in the base provides a water reserve of approximately 12 hours when operated at full load. Easy removal of the water tank for daily filling, as well as acoustic and visual indicator of the water requirement.

Automatic programs: With 7 different automatic programs, perfect results are preprogrammed. Depending on whether you want to keep fish, meat, vegetables or any other food hot in your heated display cases, you can do so with ease thanks to the 7 pre-defined programs.

Pictogram control: Intuitive, easy and fast operation of your climate heated display case thanks to modern pictogram control with humidity, infrared supporting heat and primary heat.

Easy Change: Slide-in front glass, therefore it can be used optionally as a service or self-service display case – in one simple step and without a tool.

Mirror effect: Operator side with mirrored hinged doors made of one-way mirror as well as fold-up mirror for visual multiplication of the selection of food and for optical expansion of the presentation area.


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pdf heated_display_case_climate_basic-plus-s-45 1 MB 611
  • Heated display case with 3 heat sources: moist heat, infrared supporting heat and primary heat – settable by means of pictogram control
  • Tank system in the base of the system for water storage
  • Use as display case with service or for self-service through slide- in front glass
  • Operator side with removable and mirrored hinged doors made of one-way mirror
  • Removable cutting board made of Poly-Hygiene with integrated fold-up mirror underneath
  • Long-lasting and heat-resistant LED lighting with warm colour reproduction
  • Varied presentation of the food through different accessories such as GN trays
  • Standard usable depth up to GN 100 mm; optional hook-in frame up to GN 150 mm possible
  • Basic configuration with GN hook-in frame 100 mm with perforation, dividing bar for GN 2/4 with wind baffle
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel type 1.4301
  • Optional powder coating possible in all RAL colours
  • Easiest cleaning and perfect hygiene