Built-in combo display case Switch

Cold-hot switchable display case for optimum product temperatures of a changing assortment of products. Transparent construction, high-quality presentation, short change-over phase and easiest handling.

Switch unit: Two in One. Heating and refrigeration system combined in one unit. Easy to switch over, practical to use and perfect space savings – optimal for reaction to time-of-day based demand.

Supporting heat: Radiant heat from infrared heating. The heat that is guided from top to bottom provides an optimum effect for assurance of the optimum surface temperature and core temperature of your products.

LED lighting: Brilliant display case lighting for an attractive product presentation. Long-lasting, heat-resistant LED lighting with natural colour reproduction on all presentation levels ensures good and energy-saving illumination of your products.

Easy Clean: Optimum cleaning and best-possible hygiene thanks to rounded corners, lift-up intermediate shelves, glass cover that can be raised and lift-up black glass and Evaporator.


File Description File size Downloads
pdf build_in_combo_display_case_switch 1 MB 630
  • Display case with switch function for quick switchover possibility between cold and hot operation – optimally matched to 24/7 operation
  • Display case that can be used in a variety of ways for the presentation of various cold or hot snacks on multiple levels
  • Optimal possibility to react to time-of-day based demand.
  • Cooling mode: Air-curtain cooled refrigerated display case for assisted service for the best possible energy efficiency in ongoing operation
  • Heating mode: Supporting heat for assurance of the optimum surface and core temperature of the product
  • Intermediate shelf and display area made of black glass
  • Panoramic and side windows made of tempered safety glass
  • Operator side with sliding doors made of insulating glass
  • Long-lasting, heat-resistant LED lighting per level
  • Pressure-foamed inner well, welded tight
  • Coated, circulating air fin coil evaporator with fan, low-voltage, can be folded up and rinsed
  • Control unit with temperature display, speed control of the fan, as well as on/off switch
  • Fully automatic condensate evaporation; condensate drain HD 30
  • Easiest cleaning and perfect hygiene