The GENIUS MT does not care where it is being operated. All that matters is: maximum performance. Whether it’s a catering operation, restaurant or multi-chain operation. The perfect combi-steamer for every application, thanks to its advanced MT-Technology.


Nobody likes long explanations. Introducing easy cooking and baking, systematically – made possible with forward-thinking MT-Technology by Eloma. Just slide, wipe or scroll – intuition is key to operating your GENIUS MT with lightning speed and precision. Especially at peak times.


Safety is a high priority for us – at all levels. The high material quality and our intensive quality controls ensure a safe and smooth operation. Our MT Technology guarantees maximum safety when using your Eloma combi-steamer. And finally our fully automatic cleaning programme autoclean® MT stands for absolute hygiene and safe handling. Safety is part of our philosophy. With the GENIUS MT you can easily create a cooking and cleaning plan for the whole week. There are no questions left.


  • Efficiency with system
  • Cleaning with method
  • Economy with ecology
  • Conception with reason

Simply Genius MT

The GENIUS MT gets along with anyone. No words are needed.

• Genuine MultiTouch display
• Ultrafast response
• Intuitive operation
• Memory function
• Automated instructions

• Adaptable operation for cooking, baking and cleaning
• Individual images
• Personalised recipes
• Password Manager

• Self-explanatory icons and visualisation
• Automatic logbook
• Controlled workflow
• Restriction mode
• Value conservation and longevity through defined cleaning and maintenance instructions

• User-friendly management software
• Future proof communication interfaces


• Fully automatic cleaning
• Practical consumption display
• Perfect hygiene
• Weekly programming – planning of automated cleaning

Advancing with MT-Technology

Nobody likes long explanations. Introducing easy cooking and baking, systematically – made possible with forward-thinking MT-Technology by Eloma. Just slide, wipe or scroll – intuition is key to operating your GENIUS MT with lightning speed and precision. Especially at peak times. 

  • Climatic® MT: A simple stroke of the finger simultaneously sets temperature and humidity to the exact degree and percentage.
  • Last® 20:Nothing is ever lost – the last 20 cooking and baking processes can be instantly restarted, whether it is a standard programme, one of your filed favourites or even a manual setting.
  • Multi Connect: Manage your programmes and HACCP data using an advanced communication interface such as USB, LAN or WLAN.
  • Multi Cooking / Multi Baking: A sure thing: simply select your programme or cooking/baking mode and the GENIUS MT automatically determines all accompanying programmes. Multiple selections for parallel operation is not a problem. Whether before or during the cooking process. In addition, the GENIUS MT compensates the cooking/baking time automatically when e.g. heat is lost through the door opening. Supporting intelligent time management, with starting- or endtime selection.
  • Quick Mode: System caterers will love it. The Quick Mode is a version of the operating concept especially adapted to meet their particular requirements. It allows rapid and standard handling in all outlets by means of specifically predetermined operating sequences for cooking, baking and cleaning. With Repeat Mode, you can restart your settings without detours. Restriction possibilities no problem thanks to the password manager. Highest process safety guaranteed!
  • Quick Set: A touch of your finger puts all settings where you want them to be.
  • Weekly programming: With the GENIUS MT you can easily create a cooking and cleaning plan for the whole week. There are no questions left.

The live steam system – an Eloma invention

Live steam is generated by our patented heat recovery system and directly injected into the dispersion tube. This saves energy and creates live steam within seconds without preheating.

Key benefits:

  • Perfectly saturated steam quality, precise to the millilitre
  • Economical and ecological: greatly reduced cooking times, minimal use of materials, massively reduced energy and water consumption with the very best food quality
  • Maximum hygiene thanks to the elimination of the boiler and a steady supply of freshly generated steam

Eloma autoclean® MT – the fully automatic cleaning system

The ultimate in hygiene and safety – our unique, patented and fully automatic cleaning system for unsurpassed cleaning results while keeping consumption of water, cleaning and rinsing agents to a minimum. 

  • Your combi steamer takes care of everything on its own at the touch of a button.
  • Liquid cleaning system coordinated with Eloma products and ready for use, for optimum cleaning results and the best possible surface protection
  • Proven, unsurpassed cleaning results: requiring a minimal amount of time, power and water
  • Extremely low cleaning costs thanks to precise measuring of the liquid cleaner
  • Maximum safety protection, no direct contact with any cleaning chemicals
  • The program can be started at any time without manual cooling or need to open the door
  • Perfect cleaning results thanks to a rotary jet
  • No more refilling or handling of cartridges or tabs
  • Top hygiene standards for products and processes

The new GENIUSMT now features:

  • Quick clean in 15 minutes
  • Colour-coded indicator of care product quantities remaining

We recommend our Eloma MULTI-CLEAN products for the best cleaning results and long operating life.

The award-winning multi-eco system

Award-winning Eloma technology: good for the environment and for your wallet. 

  • A high-performance heat exchanger can save you up to 16% energy and up to 42% water
  • Preheating the steaming water to up to 70°C (158°F) using exhaust heat
  • No additional costs for maintenance work
  • We are currently the only manufacturer of combi steamers whose multi-eco system has won the Dr.-Georg-Triebe Innovation Prize in the ecology and energy efficiency categories


  • MT Technology:
  •  MultiTouch-Display
  •  Climatic® MT
  •  Last® 20
  •  Quick Set
  •  Multi Cooking
  •  Quick Mode
  • autoclean® MT in series
  • 9 operation modes
  • Programme spaces à 20 steps
  • Favourites
  • Steptronic®
  • Multi-point core-temperature sensor
  • Temperatures from 30°C to 300°C
  • Humidity from 0% to 100%
  • Timer function up to 24 hours
  • Active-Temp
  • Live steam system
  • Multi-Eco-System
  • Manual steaming
  • SPS® – Steam Protection System
  • E/2 – Energy safe
  • Reduced fan speed
  • Autoreverse fan wheel
  • Clocked fan wheel
  • Logbook for HACCP/LMHV data
  • LAN and USB 2.0 interface
  • Seamless, hygienic cooking chamber
  • Quick release door lock for single-handed operation
  • Integrated spray hose


  • Vario-Rack for GN 1/1 or BN 600mm x 400mm
  • Multi-Eco-Hood
  • WLAN
  • External core-temperature sensor
  • External sous-vide sensor
  • Connectivity to energy optimiser system [E]