Soul Series 2

Soul Series 2

The most compact commercial citrus juicer on the market thanks to its innovative Conical System® juicing system.

Small, Smart & Stylish

The world of juice will never be the same again, thanks to the new Soul.
Soul Series 2 offers a world of possibilities to design spaces that are looking for a different Juice Experience.

The first smart juicer

The first automatic juicer that provides information about the performance and productivity of your machine in real time.

– Control your business remotely

– Improved machine productivity

– Predictive maintenance

– Error alert and solution management

– Configuration

The soul is inside

Our Conical System® has been designed to squeeze twice as fast.

Maximum hygiene thanks to our nanotechnology ASP®, based on silver ions that inhibits the growth of bacteria.
Extra effective and long-lasting protection.

Squeeze all citrus fruits

With the Soul Series 2 squeezing kits, you can squeeze any citrus fruit ranging from 42 to 81 mm.

M Kit: small oranges or lemons 64 to 81 mm.

S Kit: lemons, limes or tangerines 45 to 65 mm.

XS Kit: limes 45 to 52 mm.

Far beyond juice
Cocktails, mocktails, pastries, dressings, sauces…
Maximum delicacy to obtain the highest performance from each citrus fruit.

A new universe to be explored
Coffee Shops, Healthy Restaurants, Iconic Bars, Cocktail Bars, Fast Good, Latin & Asian restaurants, Bakeries & Pastisseries, Chic Hotels, Airport Lounges, VIP Rooms at venues, Executive Offices…

And many more!

Type of consumption Medium
Coffee Shops, Healthy Restaurants, Iconic Bars, Cocktail Bars
Fruits/min M/S KIT: 18 fruits /min
XS KIT: 36 fruits /min
Capacity 3-6 oranges
7-8 limes
Fruit diameter M Kit: 64-81 mm
S Kit: 45-65 mm
XS Kit: 42-52 mm
Weight 32 kg – 71 lb
Power 100 w | 0,134 HP
Consumption 3,4 A | 1,5 A
Voltage 1000–240 V | 50–60 Hz
Connectivity WiFi
PulpOut System Automatic pulp and seed removal
Sound pressure level Less than 60 dB
Colours Black Smoke Grey, Black Natural Sand, White Smoke Grey, White Natural Sand, Special Edition: Black Light Green