Speed Up

The most powerful look, for maximum juice extraction. The most elegant juicer option, thanks to its features and new Deep Black finishes.

The most powerful look, for maximum juice extraction.

The most elegant juicer option, thanks to its features and new Deep Black finishes.

The juice business is a reality

Respond to the growing demand for healthy products, and create the freshest corner in your store.

Make your point of sale an authentic Fresh Place!

Speed Up is the ideal companion for the evolution of your business in the juice world.

Choose your tabletop juicer or an All-in-One model for greater autonomy.

With all the advantages from Speed Series

  • Integrated high capacity feeder. 20 kg capacity.
  • Intelligent Electronics. With 2 operational modes: Automatic or Professional.
  • Drip tray with a direct drain to the waste bucket in the All-in-one model.
  • Original System juicing system with ASP antibacterial technology.

Deep Black
A new and more daring colour, full of personality.

Automatic PulpOut system
Hygiene at all times with its automatic pulp conveyor belt

Up Tap
Polymer tap with bottle holder available in 3 sizes: 34.4 mm | 36 mm | 38 mm

Discover the new podiums for your All-in-One model

  • Black: Dare to go with the sleekest look. *Includes drip tray
  • Mirror: Choose the elegance of the shiniest finish. *Includes two-position drip tray for glasses and bottles

New accessories for your Speed Up

Create the best version of your Speed Up juicer with our new accessories:

  • Juicing Kits
  • Juice Corner Accessories: display case for chilling your bottles of juice, bottle rack, bottle rack unit…
  • Take away bottles
  • Protection accessories

It extracts juice from any citrus fruit with its accessories

  • Kit S. For smaller diameters. Perfect to squeeze smaller fruit (ie. small oranges,
    lemons and limes with diameters of 67 mm to 45 mm)
  • Kit L. For larger fruit. Perfect to squeeze larger fruit, from 75 mm to 95 mm, such as large oranges and grapefruits.

Make your point of sale an authentic Fresh Place!

Your freshly-squeezed juice point of sale in all concepts:

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Department stores
  • Service areas and “On the go”

Context of use Supermarket chains, hotels or self service stores with high juice demands
Fruits/min 40 f/min
Capacity 20 kg
Fruit diameter 65-81 mm
Dimensions Speed Up: 593 x 624 x 1050 mm 23.3” x 24.6” x 41.3” | Speed Up All-in-One: 1. Narrow Black: 710 x 682 x 1775 mm 28” x 26.8” x 69.9 | 2. Wide Black 810 x 682 x 1775 mm 31.9” x 26.8” x 69.9”
Weight Speed Up: 76.7 kg ı 169.2 lb | Speed Up All-in-One: 1. Narrow Black 129.1 kg ı 284.7 lb 2. Wide Black 133 kg ı 293.3 lb
Power 300 W | 0.4 HP
Consumption 2.7 A / 1.2 A
Voltage 120 V I 60 Hz / 220-240 V I 50-60Hz
Protection against moisture IPx4
Safety Triple magnetic system