The new JOKER. Ready for the REVOLUTION? Here comes the first fully configurable compact class. More flexible than ever. More space efficient than all. More stylish than any other. And as individual as you.

  • Configurable modularity
  • Configurable modularity
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Contemporary design

Great solutions for any niche!

You have a strong store concept. Not everyone fits. The new JOKER does, wanna bet? Thanks to the different sizes, you can also play around with the tray sizes. The right fit for your challenge. What more do you want?

Which is your good side?

Finally, there is that one that fits your practice. The JOKER does not care where you want the control module to be. Where it makes sense, take the top spot.And the door is hinged where it is the most useful for your work flow.

Make a clear statement!

What’s your story? Are you the doer, getting things done as they come your way? Or rather a thinker, planning ahead with a structural approach and exact processes? Any way, the new JOKER suits every character with its choice of control.

Need a bit of steam?

With the basic version of the new JOKER you are well positioned. It is the ultimate convection oven. And when a little more is needed: with a bit of water, you put the steam in the machine. For great cooking and baking results.


Daily cleaning routine – done by you or someone else? Your choice. Rinse it out with the hand shower or let the fully automatic autoclean® PRO take over. Easy as pie!


    • JOKER 6-23
    • JOKER 6-43
    • JOKER 6-11


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Eloma_Spec_Sheet_ Combi_Steamer_Compact_Line_2020_Joker MT 6-43_Combi Steamer

Eloma_Spec_Sheet_ Combi_Steamer_Compact_Line_2020_Joker MT 6-23_Combi Steamer

Eloma_Spec_Sheet_ Combi_Steamer_Compact_Line_2020_Joker MT 6-11_Combi Steamer