Vitamix Blenders


Key features

Ideal for finessing delicate blends like emulsions, culinary foams, whipped cream, meringue and more. Chefs around the world trust Vitamix to deliver. Food, beverage or frozen treats, Caterline have the right machines and accessories for your business.

Labour saving

Do More With Less. Vitamix products are a labour saving tool. The versatility of Vitamix blenders allows you to give your whisks and food processor the day off. Our blenders grind spices, chop salsas, purée root vegetables, emulsify dressings, heat sauces… should we keep going? One blender that can take the place of multiple tools means more space in your kitchen. And as kitchens shrink to add tables to the dining room, every inch counts.

Consistent quality

Program settings deliver results customers can rely on with every order, at every location, so they’re happy and your brand is protected. Your team will use the equipment with confidence, and new employees are trained quickly. Programmed menus also contribute to a consistent quality that can be achieved by using Vitamix products.


From smooth purées to chunky rough-chops and every texture in between, we know that mouthfeel matters. And getting the same mouthfeel at every service in every location, well that’s just good business. Predictable might get old everywhere else. But in the kitchen, predictable is thrilling.


Vitamix food blenders showcase gentle strength. From grinding lobster shells to pulverising peanuts, the power within every Vitamix commercial machine will help you achieve your most creative menu offerings. Explore notoriously tough ingredients, like knobs of raw ginger, or blend delicate emulsions. Because power isn’t just about brute force; it’s about control. It’s the ability to finesse each ingredient, for any recipe. Because sometimes the most powerful thing you can be, is gentle.


Best in class for 9 consecutive years. Voted by Food Service Supplier Equipment magazine.

Vitamix blenders have been voted Best-In-Class for seven consecutive years by the readers of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, with a total of 25 awards since 2007. The awards recognise industry manufacturers with products or services that provide superior value, asking respondents to evaluate companies on: product quality, product value, product design and aesthetics, service and support, sales representation, product inventory and availability, and product information accessibility.




Vitamix products supplied by Caterline allow you to master classic culinary techniques in minutes. Explore the ease of performing at least 12 culinary techniques in your Vitamix machine.


The speed of the Vitamix blades fully incorporates ingredients, including ice and frozen fruits, for signature, hand-crafted beverage menus.


Our machines don’t have to purée every ingredient — they can rough-chop for chunky dips and sauces to reduce knife work.


With the Vitamix machine’s ability to heat ingredients through friction, soups and sauces can be brought to serving temperatures in minutes.


Frozen ingredients are quickly homogenized in the container’s vortex, with no frozen chunks left behind.


Grind and pulverise virtually any ingredient, from roasted peanuts to dried mushrooms.


The Vitamix machine emulsifies oil in seconds for sauces and vinaigrettes.


The blender’s speed breaks up clumps and fully incorporates butter and dry ingredients for a perfectly creamed frosting.


In a single process, the Vitamix blender delivers an incredible level of texture and flavour refinement.


Take your beverage menu to the next level by infusing simple syrups with distinctive flavours for handcrafted cocktails.


Pulsing lets you easily rough-chop fruits and herbs for mojitos, flavoured teas, and cocktails.


Quickly make housemade whipped cream or create an indulgent mousse as your main dessert course.


A Vitamix machine blends the whole ingredient — for more fibre and less waste.


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If you would like to know more about our Vitamix range of blenders or would like a personal demonstration at our state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen showroom in Dublin, please contact us at +353 1 4019011 or email us at

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