Professional Rotisserie Grandes Flammes Olympia

Rotisol’s traditional rustic-style rotisserie, the OLYMPIA, is an attractive show-piece for any restaurant or kitchen and is used by chefs in Michelin star restaurants around the world.

Our professional rotisserie Grandes Flammes Olympia is unique. The naked flame from the Rotisol’s patented burners licks the cast iron hearth and porcelain wicks creating a spectacular visual that can be seen through the front and side glass doors.

Spits are driven by an elegant system of chains and pulleys, rotating at 2 ½ times per minute ensuring perfectly cooked, self-basting poultry, meat, vegetables and fish.


  • Rotisol patented burners
  • 6 tempered glass doors
  • Protective roof included
  • Equipped with a bottom drip tray with a drainage tap
  • Pre-installed vertical spit system