Special Market – The chicken rotisserie machine for markets and trucks

The SPECIAL MARKET range of rotisseries has been designed with performance, practicality and mobility in mind. Lightweight and compact they are the ideal rotisserie for markets and food trucks and offer a rapid output together with cooking quality.

Conscious of the cost involved for our clients, the SPECIAL MARKET rotisserie has energy-saving infrared burners, patented by Rotisol, that enables the rapid roasting of a variety of products.


  • Independent motors
  • Spits with Bakelite handles
  • Optional lighting
  • Independent infrared burners with interchangeable ceramic bricks
  • 2-4 tempered glass doors (removable for transport)
  • Optional personalised removable roof signage
  • Equipped with a bottom drip tray with a drainage tap


Our  alternative Spatchcock chicken rotisserie allow “open”-style cooking.