Winston PF56

Winston Collectramatic high efficiency pressure fryer, model PF46 or PF56 with 13″ deep collector, which allows more then 1000 pieces to be cooked without manual filtration or emptying collector. Available with quarter rack basket or traditional clamshell basket.


PF56C model includes Winston 8-channel control and also includes FAST® VC210 control


PF56 6-Head – 18 lbs. (8.2 kg) product 75 lbs. (33.8 kg) or 9.55 g (36.15L) cooking oil


Refer to wiring schematic included in equipment for installation assistance. Cord/Plug not included. Licensed electrician may be required. Check local codes.


To be 16 – 20 gauge stainless steel mounted on four adjustable legs. Cooking vessel to be constructed of stainless steel.


Full 1-1/2″ insulation around the cooking vessel.

Load Limits

Maximum of 18 Lbs. (LP56) of frozen or refrigerated chicken, fish, meats, or vegetables per load.

Installation Requirements

Ventilation required. Check local codes.


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PF56 6-Head 18 lbs. (8.2 kg) product 75 lbs. (33.8 kg), or 9.55 g (36.15L) cooking oil

Size in (mm)

H= 45.5″ (1156)
H2= 61.0″ (1549)
W= 20.2″ (513)
D= 33.1″ (841)