A new concept of premium commercial juicer, with elegant and avant-garde design, and a new patented Conical System®


Small and elegant
A new concept of premium commercial juicer, with elegant and avant-garde design, and a new patented Conical System®

Push & Juice

The juicer Soul presents a new concept: Push & Juice. Fresh juice, in a matter of seconds and at the touch of a button.

The simplest way to make pure juice in just 15 seconds.

The perfect juice

Making a juice becomes a breeze with Soul thanks to its technical characteristics.

Delicately treating the fruit, so that each juice has the best flavour and quality, free from essential oils.

Conical System

With the new tapered shape of its pressing units, the fruit enters the juice extraction system smoothly and perfectly centred.

  • Clean and accurate cut
  • Maximum juice
  • Maximum flavour

360º design

A revolutionary commercial juicer machine, small, compact and easy to use. Designed for the discerning business user, where design and style meet functionality and efficiency.

Its spectacular design with sporty and elegant lines does not go unnoticed.

It squeezes citrus
It squeezes oranges, lemons and limes to 80 mm of diameter.

Tap with a gentle cascade
Tap with ample flow rate, lighting and Up&Down anti-drip system.

Premium materials
Resistant and robust with materials that reflect its strong personality and its urban and avant-garde style.

New accessories

Corner Soul: new elevator accessory with built-in tray and Premium basket.

Elevation kit and drip tray Soul: very practical set of legs and a drip and splash-proof tray.

Premium basket: store your citrus fruit next to your machine, with a lot of class.

Juice Extraction Unit: very practical to continue to operate whilst you clean the other extraction unit.

Three simple steps and everything is clean again

Open, extract and clean. Easy to clean juicer, in just three steps you can clean it and keep squeezing.

The more technical side

  • Dimensions: 260 x 430 x 435 mm
  • Larger diameter: to 80 mm
  • Fruits per minute: 12 fruits
  • Feeder capacity: 3-4 fruits
  • Weight: 17 kg – 37.4 lb

The Perfect Couple

Soul and Multifruit juice extractor it’s the union of two machines destined to be together, a fusion that is a lot more than the sum of two parts.

  • Soul is delicacy, touch and perfection
    The result is a perfect juice
  • Multifruit is power, personality and efficiency
    Create an authentic Juice Space
  • The perfect couple is endless combinations
    Offer a world of flavours to your customers

Context of use Small and stylish bars and cafes with low juice demand
Fruits/min 12 fruits/min
Capacity 3/4 fruits
Fruit diameter To 80 mm. (Recommended 64-76 mm)
Weight 17 kg – 37.4 lb
Power 90 W
Consumption 2.5 A / 5 A
Voltage 220-240 V ı 50-60Hz / 110-120 V ı 50-60Hz
Protection against moisture IPX0
Sound pressure level 54 dB